/A New Way Newsletters for Download – Free!

A New Way Newsletters for Download – Free!

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I began my newsletter project in April 2016 at a time when I was working part time at Staples and helping with career services for One Life. My recovery had taken a back seat to my jobs and the room I was renting. I created the first issue, just called “A New Way Newsletter” out of boredom and a genuine desire to help. I only made three issues before I was lost to drinking again. When I got out of rehab I picked up the newsletter but, this time I had a little help. Bill L. suggested the name “Signposts” and a committee was formed. True to form of most “group” decisions at the center the newsletter quickly became just my project again.


While the newsletter is ostensibly for A New Way related events it has also become a window into my personal journey in recovery. The August issue, except for Laura’s article, is all about me – see the Pink Floyd poetry and Eclipse pages, as well a picture of me and Emma and an anonymous article entitled Panacea. As always, feedback is welcome.

In my continuous quest to try as many different features as possible with this blogging concept I am making the newsletters I create for A New Way Recovery Center available for download. They are full of interesting articles, events and links. Every month, or two, I will add more.

I don’t get paid for any of this so, if you are feeling charitable I could absolutely use a donation to help me pay for summer classes (my Calculus 2 textbook alone is $160.00!)