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A Personal Tao

This is a short book that I would like to share with anybody who’s interested in this sort of thing.

Discover the Tao and Taoism. This is a guide to the heart and a handbook for discovering the Tao. A Personal Tao mixes art, philosophy and stories into a mirror opening the soul for exploration. The pages explore spirit, love, going beyond death, immortality, finding happiness, changing the world and Taoist practice of release… All by embracing life now. Discover the Tao revealed by your life. A Taoist guide for seekers looking for ways to transform their life.

by Casey Kochmer

ISBN: 9781257148004
Copyright: Casey Kochmer (Standard Copyright License)
Edition Paperback: 1st edition
Publisher: Amberjack Software LLC
Published: March 12, 2013
Language: English
File Format: ePub
File: Size 8.61 MB