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Anthropogenic Global Warming

This is one part of the class project we put together for my physics class. My partner and I attempted to sift through all of the information available to us and determine if there was actual PROOF of man-made, or anthropogenic, global warming. Is there? I can’t unequivocally say yes but, there is overwhelming evidence that we are a major cause of “observed warming trends” over the past two centuries. However, that time scale is a drop of water in the ocean relative to the cycles of the planet and the solar system.

Anthropocene Epoch, unofficial interval of geologic time, making up the third worldwide division of the Quaternary Period (2.6 million years ago to the present), characterized as the time in which the collective activities of human beings (Homo sapiens) began to substantially alter Earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans, and systems of nutrient cycling. -Encyclopedia Britannica


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My conclusion was that it would be prudent to minimize anthropogenic impacts on our environment thus enabling us to better understand the larger cycles at work and avoid exacerbating a very delicate situation. Until we can better comprehend the thermodynamics of the entire climate (which involves the atmosphere, oceans, land and living things) we would be better off not pumping thousands of petagrams of CO2 (1 petagram = 1,000,000,000,000 kg) into the atmosphere annually or burying God only knows how much nuclear waste under the ground.

It seems that the Earth is getting gradually warmer as it tends to do on a fairly regular basis. If we are so clever that we can tamper with the tremendous magnitude of energy involved in the climate cycle then I think we can find a solution. Geoengineering, alternative fuels and colonization are all possible solutions so,

Let’s get to Work Before It’s Too Late!

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