//The Hoi Polloi Scholarship Process – Part II

The Hoi Polloi Scholarship Process – Part II

The PTK Scholarship Process

This is a list of the basic short essays that are required to qualify for applying for a scholarship. Mind you, this is just to submit an application and there are also letters of recommendation, transcripts, proof of awards or honors… My advice – start the process early, give yourself plenty of time to meet the rolling deadlines of November 1 and December 1.

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The Library of Scholarships

Tell me a little about yourself:

  1. Who you are is intricately linked to past experiences and who you’ve known. Thinking about your life and your experiences, explain what motivates you to succeed and who you are now.
  2. What are the benefits of attending a community college?
  3. Why are you a good candidate for this award and what would it mean to you to receive a scholarship from this application process?
  4. What is your career goal?
  5. What has your current involvement in volunteerism taught you?
  6. Phi Theta Kappa Impact – You may write about an activity from a previous section. Do not include web links or photos.
  7. Choose from one of the following writing prompts:
    As a member of PTK, describe the activity in which you led or participated that had the greatest impact on your life.
    As a member of PTK, describe an event in which you took a leadership role and what you learned about yourself.
  8. Explain the financial barrier that you are facing as the result of the event you selected on the eligibility tab. Describe how the event was unanticipated and how this is impacting your ability to succeed and complete your degree. Include information on how you plan to overcome this obstacle.
  9. How did this event impact you financially? What actions have you taken to negate the impact?
  10. If awarded this scholarship, how would you spend it?
  11. Significant Endeavor Essay: Describe your most significant endeavor since attending community college in which you applied your academic or intellectual skills learned through your community college education to benefit your school, community or society. This endeavor may be in community/service learning, in research, in the arts, journalism, advocacy, public affairs, etc. Judges consider originality, initiative, degree of difficulty, results and benefit to society. Consider using measurable terms, steps taken and quantifying the outcome using impact data and numbers. Limit your essay to ONE specific endeavor. Do not include web links or photos in the text box.
  12. Discussion Question – Academic Achievement and Excellence: Describe your commitment to academic excellence.
  13. Discussion Question – Academic Leadership: Describe your leadership ability as it relates to your involvement in academic/classroom activities.
  14. Special Circumstances- If there are any special circumstances or information about yourself not elicited elsewhere in the application that you would like PTK to be aware of, provide a brief description here.

Hoi Polloi

Hopefully the process will be worth the effort – I have been led to believe that members do benefit from access to more resources than the bourgeois, and definitely more than the proletariat. Don’t let that stop you from donating to my College fund. Even with federal aid, the MRC and possible grants from the college itself I will still need money for the things of life – I am not such an ascetic yet.

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