//If It Ain’t Broke …

If It Ain’t Broke …

Endless Tinkering

In an attempt to spark my creativity I decide to switch themes for my WordPress blog. Things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped – in truth, I don’t what I expected, but I’d be a fool if I thought the transition would be seamless. However, it  didn’t go well at all. I reinstalled my original theme, but for some mysterious reason the default format is considerably different than my prior installation. Who the hell knows? Instead of my customary knee jerk reaction to anything new I am going to take the time investigate these “new” features which have really been there all along. Maybe I will do a better job making my site more user friendly. 

That actually is the perfect segue into a topic that is frequently in the headlines of various design publications like Adobe Create, Medium (https://medium.com/@pedrocanhenha/ui-ux-articles-and-interesting-tidbits-of-the-week-520e3f1e12ce) and Gravit Designer. The user experience is to this generation of mobile, rapid prototype to market and quickly forgotten marketplace of apps and services as advertising was to Madison Avenue and the postwar mass consumerism. Ubiquitous catch phrases and buzzwords come and go too quickly to bother documenting them. Everything has to be performance enhanced, scalable, reactive, responsive and user-friendly.

Spring Is Here!

I personally am so glad that classes start tomorrow. My schedule is packed with excitement, although Intro to Programming could become dull if it’s not interesting (that’s rather obvious, eh?) 

CourseTitleCreditsStatusGrading TypeFacultyMeetsDatesRoom
CSI 116 02Introduction to Programming3CurrentCRMasloff, JacquelineMW1/22/2018 -QUIN / PP / 507
1:40 PM - 2:55May 9, 2018
MAT 208 01Mutlivariate Calculus B4CurrentCRFelker, PaulMW1/22/2018 -QUIN / S / 201
4:30 PM - 5:45May 9, 2018
MAT 211 01Introduction to Mathematical Proofs4CurrentCRFelker, PaulMW1/22/2018 -QUIN / S / 201
8:50 - 10:40 AMMay 9, 2018

I spent too much time this weekend trying to download electronic versions of the textbooks I need. I already have two of them in paper form, but I like having the digital version because it enables me to just print the section or pages that I need for my homework or to study. In addition to my regular Calculus textbook, which is the same book used in Calc 2 (and presumably Calc 1 which I didn’t take here) I found a very popular textbook by Stewart which appears to be the current favorite. I also got the Global version of Programming and Problem Solving in C textbook. It’s probably not legal, but if any of readers need a textbook I will try to find it and post it here for you.

This post is mostly to gauge how my theme responds to a new post – i.e. which one of the post categories will it show up in, (what happened to the ticker that displayed new posts?). There are some bugs to work out, but the best thing to do is just pretend it’s like a brand new site and not insist on recreating the post. We all know how poor Dr. Frankenstein fared when he tried to bring the dead back to life … . 

Updates, plans, news

I did sign up for this new social media platform, there’s a new one every day.  The Mighty Network (whatever), but here’s the link https://the-anachronistic.mn.co/

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