//Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted

Appreciation Day

It was a nice interruption today from classes to be honored, with about nine others, at the recovery center for our volunteer efforts throughout the past year. We joke around a lot. but it was a very touching gesture. The real honor belongs to the folks there who let me feel useful again, who made me feel like I belonged somewhere. The best way I can show them how much they mean to me is to do something with this life that they held on to for me. The Replacements spring to mind “Hold my life until I’m ready to use it”


The acceptance letters are starting to come in now. Today Bridgewater and Vermont, Amherst and Boston should be arriving shortly. I am still collecting references to use in my scholarship applications because there is still the imposing financial hurdle to overcome. Every school requires a down payment to reserve a spot, especially for housing. The problem is that it will be exceedingly difficult for me to make a decision without a financial aid offer, which I won’t get until I accept. 

“That’s some catch, that Catch-22.”

“It’s the best there is.”

 TuitionRoom & BoardTotal$ per day
Umass Boston12,6829,20025,63270.22
Umass Amherst14,17111,50328,07476.92
Bridgewater State8,90311,00024,90368.23
Univ. of Vermont39,1609,90052,588144.08
Lesley Univ.25,0956,72534,44594.37

Thomas Aquinas is Dead

The fact that today marked the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 theses to the church door and sparking an earth shaking revolution. Having been brought up in a Lutheran church you would think that I would know something about it, but my ignorance is a source of shame. I busy myself with all the “important” things in life, like learning to use Excel to present data in interesting and useful ways, instead of concerning myself with the weighty matters that occupied the great thinkers of the past. Who know will debate how many angels can dance upon the point of a needle? If each angel simply spun, and each spinning angel has a radius of one planck length (something in the order of 10^-35 meters) and the point of a needle is one angstrom (10^-10 meters), then 5×10^24 angels would be able to dance, not very comfortably or fashionably. And on and on it goes…

Interrupt me for a circusInterrupted

If one were to Google “life interrupted” they would get some disheartening hits coming back. In my case though I mean it in the sense that my life was interrupted, not by a single tragic event, but by a steady decline. Right now, I am going through the process I went through nearly 25 years ago when I was applying for colleges as a high school senior. A lot has changed – the world is different, I’m a lot older and not much wiser. Either I can harp on the time lost (i hate saying ‘wasted’) or I can look at what I have now as an opportunity to finally do what I should have been doing so long ago. 

This brings me full circle to being honored today for my volunteer work. That is the one thing that has truly changed. Me and my attitude towards my fellow human beings. I may not always come across as caring, or helpful, or even nice, but I really do want to help. So, receiving that award today meant a lot because it validated all of my hard work.