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It’s the first day of spring classes and I’m always so excited to get started. My Introduction to Mathematical Proofs class is going to be very, very rewarding. I walk around thinking that I know all kinds of things and can speak intelligently, but that is not the case. Compared to my peers (and I am so reluctant to use that term) I do speak more knowledgeably and more precisely than most. My standards are so much higher.

I also hate the first week or two of the semester because no one knows where to go, what to do, how to behave, … I, for one, am familiar with this college and with school in general. For example, I know better than to wait until the class begins to purchase textbooks and notebooks as well as address any possible scheduling conflicts.

I had a bunch of great ideas to write about that come into existence and disappear so fast it wouldn’t be possible to write them down even if I wasn’t in a class. If I was just sitting around waiting for inspiration, then maybe, but we all know that that is not how it works. We can’t schedule a time to be inspired – say, right after lunch, but before my next class and not while I’m eating because I don’t want to get mustard on my notes.

10-25 Seconds

That is the lifespan of a W or Z Boson. That’s pretty short, but when it comes to dealing with my puerile roommates it seems like an eternity. I long for the opportunity to actually have an intelligent conversation with anyone. That might be why I enjoy seeing my therapist every week – she is very intelligent and likes (or at least pretends to like) listening to me. It just feels so deflating to pursue knowledge in earnest only to come home and be subject to the opprobrium of people I have come to despise. 

I have had my results for a long time: but I do  not yet know how I am to arrive at them.

I had a long rant all planned about my roommates, but I’m just going to let it die. I’m keeping these posts brief until I get my site looking the way I want it to. That means playing with the idea of having a separate, static home page and posts page. It really is such a letdown to be at school where I am stimulated and possibly respected and come home to this.

One day at a time…

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 I am aware that this post is shit. I’ll get back to writing good posts as soon as I start feeling comfortable again.