//My Gehenna

My Gehenna

In the company of misery

Another new roommate. Just when I thought the house manager had thrown every sort of imaginable horror at me he went and found this guy. I must be truly wicked or cursed to warrant such tribulations upon my weary soul. I can only frighten people off with math for so long until they realize that the spells have no meaning if you don’t believe in the words. Otherwise, I would just be able to say that I am asymptotically shrinking you to zero in retaliation for your being of an indeterminate form that, under l’Hopital’s Rule, can be reduced to naught, and POOF! he would disappear.


Forget the ignorant, uncivilized and rude manners of all my previous roommates. I would have any two of them over this one. This goes way beyond snoring or being messy – he is no more domesticated or intelligible than livestock. His manners are atrocious, his speech inarticulate and incoherent, smells like barnyard filth, makes inhuman noises, and I seriously doubt he has ever had more than 24 hours sober.

What the hell is he doing here? That is the question that I need answered. Also, how the hell am I supposed to get any homework done, let alone sleep, with this animal in the room? My hands are tied because of my deal with the house manager.

Woe is me!

“It is better for you to enter life crippled, than having your two hands, to go into Gehenna into the unquenchable fire.” Matthew 9:34

Earthling virtue

Only two months until I can move out – I hope. As things stand now I would move tomorrow if that were an option. Perseverance is a virtue, I think. It is (I checked with Google and perseverance is a Virtue along with Tolerance and about 70 others). https://www.virtuesforlife.com/virtues-list/

It is the next day now, evening rather, and I am less inclined to be so dramatic, but the fact remains that far from getting easier, my time in this house will continue to becomes more of a travail with each day. Unlike Godly Job of whom the Bible says many good things, I am much less apt to remain steadfast in my faith as well as being guilty of plenty of whining and lamenting, “oh! poor me!”

Time to come down off the cross.

Instead of bellyaching about the sorry state of the people I have to associate with, I ought to be looking for some productive avenue for this energy. I am working hard at insulating myself from the more wretched elements of society, trying to insolate myself to the higher virtues, but it doesn’t feel genuine. Then, I came across an article in my email from Aeon magazine about the radicalization of the far right and how democracy is failing in the face of this leviathan called Globalization. I learned, among other things, that there is a place called “The Centre for Resolution of Intractable Conflicts”. Maybe I can find a way to effect some positive change, however small

There is still time to get caught up with the disillusionment of past generations. We can skip ahead and just start with Kierkegaard.

Plato, oder warum

Aus bisher ungeklärten Gründen
unter unbekannten Umständen
Ideal Sein nicht mehr zufrieden zu sein.

Es könnte immer weitergegangen,
gehauen aus der Dunkelheit, aus Licht geschmiedet,
in ihren verträumten Gärten über der Welt.

Warum in aller Welt hat es angefangen Nervenkitzel sucht
in der schlechten Gesellschaft der Materie?

Welchen Nutzen könnte es für Nachahmer haben,
unfähiger, mißglückten,
fehlen alle Aussichten für die Ewigkeit?

Wisdom hinkend
mit einem Dorn in seiner Ferse stecken?
Harmony entgleist
von Gewässern roiling?
Halten unattraktiv Eingeweiden
und gut –
warum der Schatten
wenn sie nicht über eine vor?

Es muss einen Grund haben,
jedoch gering,
aber auch die nackte Wahrheit, beschäftigt Durchsuchung
die Erde Schrank,
wird verraten es nicht.

Ganz zu schweigen davon, Plato, diese entsetzlichen Dichter,
Wurf durch die Brise unter Statuen verstreut,
Fetzen von diesem großen Schweigen hoch.

Polish poetry, in German, always seems to cheer me up. Especially when it is directed at that inscrutable of sages, Plato. Also, check out the new Gallery pages that I am trying out. I’m late getting into it, but moving forward I can keep better track of when and where I find the images I use on this site.

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