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My Ubiquitous 99



M99 is a spiral galaxy out by the Virgo cluster. It appears in the constellation Coma Berenice, which means Berenice’s hair in case you were wondering which is an obscure reference to a Queen Berenice of Egypt.

Lying around 50 million light-years away, Messier 99 is one of over a thousand galaxies that make up the Virgo Cluster, the closest cluster of galaxies to us. Messier 99 itself is relatively bright and large, meaning it was one of the first galaxies to be discovered, way back in the 18th century. This earned it a place in Charles Messier’s famous catalogue of astronomical objects.

Some history about how things in the sky get named. Not surprisingly all of the brightest objects, and some not so bright, were known to the ancients and were catalogued, named, and often deified. In 1771, a French astronomer named Messier began to catalogue all of the celestial objects that weren’t comets (he was only after comets – ostensibly to name it after himself). Is it ironic then that the objects which bear his name to this day are 110 galaxies, clusters and nebulae that are not comets?

Spiral Galaxy M99 (NGC 4254), type Sc, in Coma Berenices

Act 1 – A Defiance

This is my 99th post! I’m not sure if that includes deleted posts, posts on my softball pages, items posted as quotes, downloads or forms, but, like Messrs Messier and Méchain I don’t wish a chronicle my posts to include any erroneous information. As of this publishing (17:09 EST) there have been 824 hits on my site and 99 posts, for an average of 8.3 hits per post – not too shabby for one who expected 0.

I will save the really good stuff for my 100th post, which is expected this weekend in between study sessions for differential equations. There needs to be done:

  • Three of the 6 supplementary problems
  • All solutions for final homework, #11 I think
  • Attempt some of the *bonus problems for credit or just self edification (or gratification)
  • Make sure I didn’t forget anything
These are somebody else’s notes. I could never be that neat.

In the meantime I am cramming for my Chemistry final which is tonight at 6:00. With two chapters left to review I am enjoying a moment of calm before I finish this marathon. All that’s left is basic organic chemistry and polymers. Just know the names and structure of -anes, -enes, and -ynes and their reactions. IUPAC nomenclature is always suspect for me.

2,2′,2”,2”’-(Ethane-1,2-diyldinitrilo)tetraacetic acid


Another 99 is the element Einsteinium, pretty cool? My periodic table goes up to 118 which is ununoctium, and now apparently goes by the name of organessen.

Could Einsteinium ever be ubiquitous, even if it was everywhere?

113 nihonium Nh Japan

115 moscovium Mc Moscow

117 tennessine Ts Tennessee

118 oganesson Og Yuri Oganessian

These are the most recent inductees into the periodic table while search goes on for elusive element #120 and the so-called “island of stability”.


Chemistry II Final (it seems more regal or at least official wh3n we use Roman numbers) I’m going to stop fixing the auto spelling when it replaces my e with 3 and see if anybody notices. Anyhow, I studied most of the day today; I reviewed each chapter, worked out the problems and wrote down everything that I thought was important. By making some assumptions; namely that I got 55/55 on the take home questions and 10/10 on the final lab report, which is a big “if” b3cause th3 best I did so far was a 9.5/10 I need to earn a 94% on the final to get an A rather than A-.

Alkanes, alkenes, cycloalkanes, sp3 hybridization, copolymer, enthalpy, entropy….

Post Final Relief

It only took 30 minutes and some of the questions were straight from previous assignments. I just double checked the three questionable answers against my best information and all are correct. If I didn’t make any calculator mistakes I probably got 30/30 questions correct, even with one mistake it’ still a 96.7%. I think my A student, PTK, National honor society reputation is safe. I just want people to recognize my awesome geekiness.

My math professor, biology professor and faculty at school are really going to Back me up next semester. It is very encouraging to earn their praise, their offers of recommendation letters and assistance securing tutoring gigs. I think it helps the school, as well as the “recovery movement” (if such a thing exists), to have one of their own succeed.

A final Final

This is no time to relax my study skills and exam preparation, but I can let out a sigh of relief and focus on my remaining exam, my final final, if you will. I also have to begin the arduous process of rewriting my own history. Not really, but everything I had been doing was geared toward achieving some sort of climax right about now. Instead, I have loan and scholarship applications to update, classes to register for and newsletters to publish. Then there are the online courses I plan to take during the “winter intersession”. I will need to really give my resume a makeover over the same period – all I’ve been doing is cramming more and more junk onto the same sheet of paper for at least ten years now, with only some minor cosmetic changes. 

As far as this site goes:
  1. New countdown timer
  2. Re-dedicate my fundraising campaign
  3. Create a portfolio page just for my design stuff for New Way
  4. Make a portfolio page for the newsletter
  5. The softball team
  6. Line up some tutoring gigs at the learning center and begin shaping young minds

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