//A New Ipad & Pot For Everybody
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A New Ipad & Pot For Everybody

iPad Journal: Day One

I just received an iPad for completing a career training seminar and as I figure out how to use this new toy I would like to share my thoughts. The seminar was run by Accenture and Back on My Feet and was actually very appropriate for someone like me looking to embark on a new career. 

In the beginning …

There have been these two competing platforms for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid we had a Commodore 64 and it was awesome! Then there came along the fancy apple IIc with the triangle turtle. Before you knew it every home had a “personal computer”. Now we have portable phones with better batteries and more computing power than a LEM.

Did they find iPads on the moon

I’m going to try to create a post from my brand new IPad only. It’s a great toy but will never replace an actual computer – for me at least.
The biggest nuisance so far is that it’s linked to the iCloud account of the running club. Of course, I got locked out for security reasons and can’t reset it until Monday, at the earliest. I don’t know if it’s something I did or one of the other new users but, being apple there is no easy reset.

Ipad 2017 9.7 inchBefore iPad and iPhone there was the Commodore


Another difficulty is that I have no way to use a USB drive with this thing. I have come to rely on the drag-n-drop functionality of windows.

Why is everything new so difficult?


I’m not complaining, just being a curmudgeon. It does seem rather contradictory of me to label new technology and means of doing things as wrong or difficult or stupid. I think Physics and Calculus are easy and I would absolutely love to be a part of creating an intelligence that can reason like a human and invent calculus. There is some sort of analogy there – Newton got hit in the head with an apple and “invented” gravity, now humanity has been hit in the face with Apple.

What would Newton think of an iPad
Who would hit this guy with an Apple?

iPad Journal: Day Two

I have resumed using my laptop for writing blog posts. The biggest drawback of the tablet is that it doesn’t have a keyboard but, they are not computers or meant to replace them. An iPad is another accessory, meant to be used in conjunction with one’s Macbook, iPhone, iWatch, iPacemaker, iCar, and iFamily.

I’m gradually getting used to the Apple way of doing things. In a short time, I have come see some real advantages to having a tablet computer. For example, I might be leading a meditation group every other week in the absence of our long time instructor. I quickly realized that my iPad is well suited to the task. I downloaded a free app which is portable, has the functionality I require and versatile. 

do iPads meditate when they sleep

I embrace technology. I love it! Computers are amazing, the internet is magical. Worlds of possibility have been opened up for us to explore. How can I find a balance between the peace I need and the technology I love?

How can technology serve us in alleviating our suffering, add to the depth of our connections, and allow us to live a more mindful life?

For an interesting article about Mindfulness meditation and technology, read this https://medium.com/mindfulness-and-meditation/i-love-technology-364cc2272918.

Final Verdict

The iPad is great for entertainment, social media, shopping, etc… It is compact, long battery life, wifi and very capable of handling most of the things we use the internet for. However, it is not suitable for typing essays, doing research projects, real spreadsheets, blogging, digital publishing or programming. Now that I have a better understanding of its uses and capabilities I am far more pleased with the iPad than I had originally anticipated. Like I stated in the opening – the iPad will never be able to replace my laptop (never say never – just look at how much technology has grown in the past decade alone).

Off with his iPad

My plans for the future involve becoming an educator (what form that will take exactly is still unclear to me) so, I need to stay on top of current technology and its role in the education system as a tool with unrealized potential. My post last week about digital printing is an example where I was being taught a skill, an art form, that was being replaced by the computer and I was able to be at the front of that change and be rewarded for that. I can’t refuse to accept that the future is going to cloud hosted software and virtual classrooms with virtual professors. What I can do is get in front of this thing and ride the wave.

One last shot at Apple, iPad, and nomophobia

I still just wish people could put away their phones, tablets, headphones and constantly being “wired” to each other for a little while each day and just talk to one another. I can’t tell you how many times I have responded to someone talking out loud as if they were addressing me when they were really talking into their Bluetooth. I am beginning to wonder who the crazy one is…

“Fear of missing out or FoMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”.

Even at the pubs (when I was still drinking) which I thought of as the last refuge from technology, it is not uncommon to see a whole table of young people eagerly engaged with their various devices and ignoring one another. Conversation and humanity are at risk if we don’t slow down and re-examine our priorities.

This sure isnt an iPad
Remember when this was enough?