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Don’t let that stop you from dropping by A New Way for some holiday recovery.

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“You’re going to be praised and you’re going to be criticized. Ignore both. Neither one matters.”



Click here for a link to the official South Shore Christian Softball League home.

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We don’t have a proper name yet. Some ideas have been floated around but nothing really captures the feel of our time yet.

  • Scared Hitless
  • Sober Sluggers
  • The Impossible Dream
  • New Way Nevers
  • Pam’s Tigers
  • Recovery Rox

Features I would like to make available here are:

  • Player profiles and stats
  • Highlights – pictures are nice but some video would be great
  • Game schedule and standings
  • Description of field and directions
  • Box scores if I can get enough score cards (maybe next season)

Click button below for downloads of schedule and stuff.


Worrying about past plays is such a waste of time, energy, and emotion. Know what you need to do in that moment.



Softball coming soon

Players names and pictures

This section Will be under construction all season.

There are plenty who have come to support us and play for us. Nothing beats the team the beat us earlier this season (South Weymouth, I think) who brought their own mascot, a Purple Gorilla – we should have known we were going to get destroyed.

We have made some friends too.


Schedule & Scores

I will try to keep this section updated as soon as I get final scores. Notice how in softball most teams score a lot of runs (we just haven’t caught fire yet). The scores will be accurate even though it is hard to keep track when a team scores 17 runs in one running!

Babe Ruth quote

DateAway TeamScoreHome Team
Mon 5/1
Tue 5/2WollastonWinForfeitHingham/Bethel
Thu 5/41st Baptist1916Glad Tidings
Fri 5/5Love AllianceRAIN OUTCommunity Baptist
Mon 5/8Life Community264New Way
Tue 5/9Salvation Army1320S. Weymouth
Thu 5/111st Baptist910Wollaston
Fri 5/12Hingham/Bethel826Community Baptist
Mon 5/15Love AllianceRAIN OUTS. Weymouth
Tue 5/16Glad Tidings254Hingham/Bethel
Thu 5/18Life Community2531st Baptist
Fri 5/19New Way59Salvation Army
Mon 5/22Community BaptistRAIN OUTWollaston
Tue 5/23Salvation Army712Glad Tidings
Thu 5/25Love AllianceRAIN OUTNew Way
Fri 5/26S. WeymouthRAIN OUTLife Community
Mon 5/29
Tue 5/30Love Alliance197Hingham/Bethel
Thu 6/11st Baptist148Community Baptist
Fri 6/2Wollaston135Glad Tidings
Mon 6/5Life CommunityRAIN OUTSalvation Army
Tue 6/61st BaptistRAIN OUTHingham/Bethel
Thu 6/8S. Weymouth717Wollaston
Fri 6/9Community Baptist296New Way
Mon 6/12New Way631S. Weymouth
Tue 6/13Glad Tidings227Love Alliance
Thu 6/15Hingham/Bethel425Life Community
Fri 6/16Salvation ArmyRAIN OUT1st Baptist
Mon 6/19Wollaston313New Way
Tue 6/20Love Alliance7131st Baptist
Thu 6/22Community Baptist212Life Community
Fri 6/23Glad Tidings2514S. Weymouth
Mon 6/26Wollaston145Life Community
Tue 6/27Salvation Army2116Love Alliance
Thu 6/29S. Weymouth1614Hingham/Bethel
Fri 6/30Glad Tidings2014Community Baptist
Mon 7/3Makeup Day
Thu 7/6Salvation ArmyWollaston
Fri 7/7Hingham/BethelRAIN OUTNew Way
Mon 7/101st BaptistS. Weymouth
Tue 7/11Life CommunityLove Alliance
Thu 7/13New WayGlad Tidings
Fri 7/14Community BaptistSalvation Army
Mon 7/17WollastonLove Alliance
Tue 7/18Hingham/BethelSalvation Army
Thu 7/20New Way1st Baptist
Fri 7/21Life CommunityGlad Tidings
Mon 7/24S. WeymouthCommunity Baptist
Tue 7/25Hingham/BethelWollaston
Thu 7/27New WayLife Community
Fri 7/28Glad Tidings1st Baptist
Mon 7/31Community BaptistLove Alliance
Tue 8/1S. WeymouthSalvation Army
Thu 8/3Makeup Day
Fri 8/4Makeup Day
Mon 8/7Playoff Seed 6Playoff Seed 3
Tue 8/8Playoff Seed 5Playoff Seed 4
Thu 8/10TBDTBD
Fri 8/11TBDTBD
Mon 8/14TBDTBD
Tue 8/15TBDTBD
Thu 8/17TBDTBD
Fri 8/18TBDTBD

League Standings

These standings are “unofficial”. Rain-outs are considered ties, there was one forfeit, and makeups may need to be played to determine rankings. Since everybody makes the playoffs, this is just for seeding anyway. In August the playoffs are a whole new season. That’s where we shine!

TeamWLTWin %Lead
Wollaston Nazarene6011.000-
Life Community4120.800-1.5
Glad Tidings5200.714-1.5
South Weymouth Nazarene3220.600-2.5
First Baptist Weymouth3220.600-2.5
Salvation Army Brockton2220.500-3.0
Community Baptist2320.400-3.5
Love Alliance1330.250-4.0
New Way0520.000-5.5
Hingham & Bethel Nazarene0620.000-6.0

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