/Snow Day (or Bad as Me)

Snow Day (or Bad as Me)


We got a big ole storm brewing right now. Will it be remembered at the “tormenta de nieve de quatro de enero“? That part hasn’t been written yet.

For some really cool satellite pictures of weather, visit https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/GOES16_CONUS.php. The NOAA website is a rich source of information about all things weather related including ocean data (since, the earth is mostly water, the oceans have a very significant impact on both weather and climate). Here is their description of a Nor’easter;

A Nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America, so called because the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast. These storms may occur at any time of year but are most frequent and most violent between September and April. Some well know Nor’easters include the notorious Blizzard of 1888, the “Ash Wednesday” storm of March 1962, the New England Blizzard of February 1978, the March 1993 “Superstorm” and the recent Boston snowstorms of January and February 2015. Past Nor’easters have been responsible for billions of dollars in damage, severe economic, transportation and human disruption, and in some cases, disastrous coastal flooding. Damage from the worst storms can exceed a billion dollars.


GeoColor True Color Daytime, IR multispectral at night, 4 Jan 2018 1452 UTC

As you can see there is a large swirling weather system that is reminiscent of hurricane images crashing into coastal New England right about now. For the live satellite loop, visit https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/GOES16_sector_band.php?sector=ne&band=GEOCOLOR&length=24. We are predicted to get anywhere from 12 – 18 inches,

Blizzard conditions expected with blowing an drifting
snow. Very cold wind chills possible. Travel will be very
dangerous to impossible. Expect damage to trees and power lines
as well. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 14 inches, with
localized amounts up to 16 inches, are expected. Wind chills
could range from 10 below zero to 20 below zero.

What, me worry?

I have some groceries (two cans of hearty soup, heat and serve beef chow mien as well as processed sandwich meat, granola, yogurt and a whole sampler box of holiday chocolates), the heat and power usually stay on around here (fingers crossed though) and I have zero reasons for venturing outside in this mess until tomorrow. While boring and I will have to deal with the insufferable, puerile behavior of my housemates I think I can weather this storm (that is not a pun because I mean the expression quite literally).

My phone, iPad and backup charger are charging up right now just in case we do lose power. I am concerned about candles though and losing heat. The fundamental drawback of relying too heavily on modern technology is that nobody knows what to do without it anymore. Case in point; any one of the people who drive their cars into rivers, lakes, over cliffs because they were “just following the GPS”. It is times like this when I realize how much better off I am right now than I was living in the shelter or when I was drinking alcoholically (my biggest concern would be finding alcohol if I hadn’t already stocked up the night before).

Illustration: Nishant Choksi

For an insightful read about the modern perils of following GPS, check out https://arstechnica.com/cars/2016/05/death-by-gps/. and https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/25/gps-horror-stories-driving-satnav-greg-milner

What will I do?

To begin with, the goal will be to avoid contact with the other members of my house as much as possibly given the confined space and the fact that since pretty much everything is closed anyone with a job, about 1/2 of the population in here, will be staying home … all day. That makes me wonder about the people I haven’t seen in a while. Have people been moving out without me noticing, do they better places to stay, if so, why are they here at all? It’s not I care about them personally, but I like to know who is actually living here and whether or not I should be concerned about my safety.

As long as the wifi don’t go out (perish the thought!):

  1. Watch Netflix
  2. Watch Comcast streaming online
  3. Work on my MIT Scratch project
  4. Continue my CS50 class
  5. Start the next data analysis using Excel online class
  6. Work on this blog while listening to Tom Waits (the whole discography is available on Spotify)

If the WiFi does go out:

  1. Read Stephen King book “Sleeping Beauties” that is co-written with his son (sounds promising)
  2. Begin reading “S” again, I never finished it when I started it almost two years ago
  3. Lots of math resources here for me to teach myself something new


I’m adding this because I noticed recently, as in two days ago or this year at least, that in the seven months of this blog it had never occurred to me to include a tag or category called hope or optimism or anything even slightly positive … well, there is a category for Recovery and that is hopeful, I suppose. I like how I correct myself while writing and just keep going – there seems to be something dishonest or insincere about using the delete or backspace buttons (except in the cases of typing mistakes or inadvertent key pressing. Undo, however, is a different story. I use Undo all the time, but not to correct or edit or delete something. I use it, especially in Photoshop, as a very useful (dare I say essential) tool in the learning process.

Undo Your Mind. by oro-elui ©2012-2018 oro-elui

Looking Forward

I’ve got my new desktop finance software up and running and to be completely honest, the minutiae of accounting is terribly unexciting and thus difficult for me to really pay attention to it the way I believe I should. Right there, that last statement, says a lot about my inner turmoil. I let myself down for not living up to or doing what I think I should expect of myself. Why do I think that such and such should be expected of me? And by who? or is it whom? What do I expect of myself and why isn’t that enough? I get off topic so fast!

You’re the same kind of bad as me
The same kind of bad as me
The same kind of bad as me
The same kind of bad as me
Same kind of bad
The same kind of bad as me

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