//This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass


I’m not feeling particularly creative, inspired or even motivated this evening. I feel bottled up though, like I need to release some wound up tension inside of me – it could just be gas. Now that November is upon me and the days are quickly running out until decisions need to be made it is no wonder that I’m feeling a little strained. Hopefully, this experiment works out, the problem is that I’m the experiment and I can’t see the master plan.

Revolving Door

Once again I’m adjusting to a new roommate. This one will be temporary, just like all the others. They are all the same after a while. I don’t even bother trying to find out anything about them, but they always end up me telling me anyway. Should I just make a sign that says “Tell somebody else”?


Of course, I turned to Google and, lo and behold! There are scores of these to choose from. In all seriousness, it is hard to tell sometimes I admit, I would really prefer to talk about math with anybody than listen to another person tale of how the world has treated them so badly.

Really, are you absolutely certain you played no part in all of those unfortunate things that happened to you?

It would be nice to actually be around intelligent people for a change. I am assuming, possibly erroneously, that there will be intelligent people at my next school who want to talk to me.

I just have to keep rolling with the punches and keep doing my thing. Differential Equations is getting serious now and that is how I spend the majority of my time. The problems are challenging and fun. Any situation where the rate of change of something depends on the amount of the thing can be modelled using differential equations and Physics is absolutely stocked with first and second order differential equations.



I was daydreaming this morning while we were running; about getting a private room at school and getting a chance to teach and meeting a girl. I had to catch myself though. It’s okay to dream a little, but I can’t get lost in the fantasy or otherwise make me look at my life and become despondent that things aren’t happening they way I want.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a good story before they made a less than stellar movie. For some reason I can recall James Thurber being mentioned in my house growing up often enough that I remember. Perhaps there is something there to explore some day about the literary influences present in my house growing up. Just the other day I was reading somebody else’s blog (it is a crime that I didn’t remember to write it down to help out a fellow blogger) and she made mention of Dave Barry. For anyone who’s not familiar, Dave Barry wrote lots of humorous cartoons and article for Yankee magazine and other New England publications.

Idle hands, evil deeds

I have an exciting day tomorrow! I have an appointment with blood lab for screening and hopefully a full donation next Tuesday for some much needed cash. Then I have therapy and an early start at work study. I need the extra hours there because I’m nervous about my unemployment. It seems that I might have been erroneously (that sounds better than illegally) collecting unemployment while earning work study pay. Mea culpa. There is also the forms from MRC I need to send to the two Massachusetts schools I applied to. I also need to start my Chemistry lab report. The things to be done.

Sometimes I wonder about all my activity. I see so many people in this house and everywhere really who are content to sit around doing nothing except play on their phones. So many of them have asthma and other breathing difficulties, on top of being overweight generally slovenly in appearance. To be honest all the all of fat, wheezing, pallid, unthinking blobs absolutely disheartening. I was going to say disgusted, but I feel sorry for them because they think that they live meaningful existences (at least I think that they think that they do).

Next Stop?

If I had to make a decision tomorrow about where I will be going to school in January I would have to choose Bridgewater State. So, I have made up my mind to at least call them tomorrow,

  • Who do I send the MRC forms to?
  • Can I get a private room?
  • Will I get work study?
  • Should I set up a campus tour?


As sick as I have been for the last week, there was only one night where I could barely breathe. I apologized profusely, much to the surprise of my then roommate who insisted that I didn’t make a sound. Compare that to my new roommate, just like the previous fat one, whose labored breathing is going to cause me to use my earplugs yet again.

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?

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