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Last night, I slept in the new room I’m renting up here in Vermont. I can’t say much about Colchester at this point. There are several towns like this one right outside of Burlington; there are even bus routes connecting them all. I can draw some comparisons with other places I’ve lived but it’s too early to tell. In the past, I would have judged the town by how close the nearest pub was. Come September, I will be spending most of my time on campus in Burlington. Now, that is a city that people do have a lot of definite opinions about. Again, just like Colchester, I am reserving judgment until I have more experience.

I spent most of the day today trying to track down a dresser for my room. It was a fruitless search, but I did get to drive around and visit some businesses. The Shaw’s I went to was the same one I shopped at last weekend when I dropped off the rent and picked up the keys and spent the night at Motel 6. Even my attempts to buy one online fell through. I actually thought that I bought one online but even that order was cancelled. If I can’t find what I’m looking for on Facebook or at the stores around here, I found what I want online but it won’t be shipped for a week. Do I want to wait that long?

Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m not going to try very hard to find a dresser tomorrow except to see if Facebook Marketplace has any exciting new offers to tempt me. I did buy a desk from someone from that site this morning. I’ll probably see that in about a week too. Waiting is hard for me sometimes. I felt like that a lot when I was drinking. Waiting for the next chance to get drunk, to get better, was torment physically, mentally and emotionally. Addiction is no fun.

In some good news, I am now in possession of a 40″ Samsung television. And a not quite as new air conditioner. There is high-speed internet and satellite tv which I could use if I had a remote control for the box. Until then, I can just keep watching whatever junk I can get through the Amazon Firestick. That reminds me of something I watched recently; a movie called Army of the Dead. It was terrible, like the majority of the crap on tv, but it did feature a Zombie Tiger! That alone was worth the price of admission.

One thing I was really hoping to do up here is to resume running regularly. This is the perfect neighborhood to go running in. The big problem is that there are, at most, 1.27 miles of road to cover. I was used to doing three miles every day. In order to reach that here, I would have to run about two miles along Route 2 – and that doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s really easy for me to say, “as soon as facilities at UVM open, I’ll exercise there every day.” But, I won’t really do that. It needs to be easy, convenient, and psychologically comfortable. I guess I can be pretty high maintenance.

Hopefully, I will get my room furnished over course of a week. I need a desk to sit at while I conduct virtual tutoring this summer and a chair to sit in too. I wonder if I will have an office, or at least a desk, on campus in the fall. In any event, I have around 80 days until school starts so I’m not going to get worried about that. I need to focus on eating healthy, getting some exercise, and not blowing through my savings over the summer. I’m going to need that money down the road. Seriously, tutoring gets me $125 a week with the rest coming from unemployment. Add food stamps to what I received in Massachusetts and it’s around $1500 a month. The problem is that I live in Vermont now. Or do I?

I may physically be here, but there’s no reason to rush the paperwork. My post office box in Quincy, MA is paid for until June 30, so I can keep filing in Massachusetts until that time and see what I’m eligible for here. I don’t know anything about getting on the dole up here, but Vermont is the home of Bernie Sanders, the socialist that everybody is so afraid of.

“So what we are talking about, and what the definition of democratic socialism is to me, is making certain that economic rights have to be seen as human rights—not just political rights are human rights, which we believe strongly in; but economic rights are human rights, as well.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

I am completely on his side about most things. It seems inconceivable to me that as a student, at any level, I should ever be in want of housing or food, or medical care. I firmly believe that it’s in society’s best interest that the people are able to live in the comfort of twenty-first-century innovation. That just means that every day does not need to be a life-and-death struggle just to make enough money so you’re not outdoors and starving. When I was drinking, I often (always) chose beer over food and shelter. That shows you how messed up addiction is!

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