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I am up in Burlington, VT once again. This time, I don’t have a thing to be worried about! Student teaching has officially been completed. It’s done. It was an eye-opening plunge into the real world of teaching at a high school with 2500 students. I still wonder about my overall abilities, but now I have a much clearer idea of what would be expected of me. There were some really positive moments but also a whole bunch of duds – lessons that totally failed to launch. I have never worked so hard at a job that has real consequences like teaching. I was actually just an intern – I never got paid, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have allowed me to fail students, but I took my job very seriously.

Town of Colchester, VT

Tomorrow I am going to drop off a carload of stuff at the place I’ll be renting for the next year or longer. The hardest part is going to be getting a bed and some furniture for the room during the week while I’m still in Massachusetts. This is a lot of driving back and forth, but one more trip should do it, for now. This is the weird part of renting a room from a stranger. I have to learn the habits and of the other residents, their pet peeves, and quirks. For my part, I have to be calm and polite and as genial as I can muster without being false.

Despite my shyness and my (obvious) discomfort in social settings, I have managed to get along with almost everybody that I meet. Maybe not so much during my drinking life, but things have gotten better. Last week marked the four and a half year anniversary since … I guess it’s since the last drink. It was about one day later when I finally admitted defeat and was admitted to rehab. In any event, these milestones come and go. Occasional, regular reminders of my disgraceful existence regrettable past. My therapist would be all over me for thinking something so self-deprecating.

There are a host of things I have to attend to because I am moving to a new state.

  • move my PO box
  • change all my mailing addresses
  • find out how to get Rx and therapy
  • can I get foodstamps here?
  • what about unemployment?
  • get a new license
  • register my car

St. Michaels’ College Observatory

I had a positive day. I paid the rent for the first month on a room in a town just outside Burlington called Colchester. The house is on a quiet dead-end road but only a short drive from the University. On my travels today, I did see the small observatory over at St. Michael’s College nearby. It occurs to me now that I will have a much better view of the night sky than anywhere in southeastern Massachusetts. It also occurs to me that I will be equally far removed from fresh seafood. There are other things I’m going to miss too probably, but it’s not like I have a family, or friends, or a job, or anything to keep me tethered to that place any longer.

I plan to move up here completely on Friday. I am feeling some pressure to move out of the room I have occupied for an entire year now, maybe it’s been 11 months. Regardless, it’s time to move on and I think I am heading in the right direction. The house is just bigger. Everything is bigger, the stairs are wider, the driveway and garage are spacious, the ceilings are high, … After visiting the house today, getting keys, and dropping off the stuff I lugged up from Massachusetts, I went online and ordered a bed. The delivery is a pain but the best deal ships via FedEx so I can’t get a specific day. I bought one of those gel foam mattresses that come rolled up and a bed frame for it. I still need a desk and a chest of drawers, or a bureau as some folks call them. I’ll probably look on Facebook Marketplace and pick up something nearby.

Moving to a new place, even if it’s in the same town or state, is a nerve-wracking business for me. I am nervously excited to be taking a big step on my own. This is going to be stepping a little further out of my comfort zone. I am going to be far away from any familiar territory in September when I actually become a graduate student. Maybe it will be a good idea to keep this blog up and running for the summer at least. Apparently, my site was never “live” once I switched to the new hosting service. So, the two or three posts I did write never saw the light of day. That should be fixed now, but it’s still a work in progress. For now, at least, simpler is better.

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