Stuff is changing (again)

The relentless march of change carries me along like always. My student teaching is almost complete. I mean it now. The official stuff with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education is wrapped up. I still have to finish the 150 hours of direct instruction. That’s on pace to happen on May 26th actually. Whether I pass or fail the course called Student Teaching Practicum is different from whether I am issued an initial teaching license. My plan is to finish a unit on electricity on the 27th, then the 28th will be for a retest and my last day.

I have gotten into the game of apartment searching finally.

  • One correspondence on Facebook kind of fizzled out. I was put off by his request for a “rental history”. My rental history is unremarkable in that I have only ever had just a room, except for Portland where I had a studio. Recently, I have lived in student housing or at my present location. I am looking for something slightly less formal.
  • An appointment to see a place via Google Meetings was an illuminating experience. The house in question had rooms for four people, but it functioned more like a rooming house than a shared house. That’s really okay with me. I like the anonymity, the lack of personal closeness with the other residents. That way, nobody bothers me with their problems and, in return, I bother no one with mine.
  • I got an encouraging response from another Facebook listing. It’s a little outside Burlington, about 25 minutes or so, in Fairfax. It might be an interesting fit especially since the ad specifically mentioned “no alcohol”. If asked, I will tell her the truth – that I am in recovery from alcoholism, four and a half years on the 26th of this month.

Last week, the physics department gathered together on a Zoom meet. It was nice to see everybody who is graduating and all the professors. What a contrast with the silent and impersonal Google Meets I have ten times a week! People were talking so much I barely had time to express my gratitude. It was nice of my professor to award me for having a 4.0 GPA. Of course, I’m not the most talented or the smartest or even the most ambitious or capable. However, I’m determined, thorough, and competent enough to ace my classes and get accepted into a doctorate program. Combine that with a teaching license (assuming I am permitted one) guarantee me a job that involves physics. Doing physics at any level or in any capacity is better than any other job I could imagine.

I have proven myself to remarkably resilient and adaptable over the last four-plus years. I went from a sober house and that whole environment to the student housing at Bridgewater. That was a huge change. Then I moved, first for a summer, then for an entire year into a room in a small house in town. The next challenge is going to be much bigger. A new city. A new university. A new living situation. I have some money saved and a job lined up beginning in September, plus whatever online tutoring hours I get, so I’m not desperate financially (but that can change real quick).

All in all, I’m in pretty good spirits. My studies at BSU are over. What remains is the uncertainty of whether or not I satisfied all the requirements of the teaching practicum and earned a teaching license. My time in Massachusetts will soon be over. I am inclined to believe that will be a good thing. I’m still me though, wherever I am. When people ask me about my past, and they certainly do when you’re my age and just starting graduate school, I do my best to sound convincing when I talk about a late in life career change. I try to change the subject and reveal as little about my old life as possible without sounding disingenuous.

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