Time to straighten up

Map of Colchester, VT

I have been occupying this new space up in Vermont for almost two weeks and I am gradually getting accustomed to it. I have found a Dunkin Donuts to drive through as well as two grocery stores, Lowes hardware, and CVS. It is tough to know if I’m in Colchester or Essex a lot of the time – it depends which way I head on 2A. My schedule is very light, meaning I have no excuses for not getting out and exploring more, but I am slowly expanding my range. Today, I finally went to the dump which was far easier than I had been led to believe. Now that all the furniture I need has been purchased, delivered, and assembled I can rid myself of all the cardboard boxes and styrofoam packaging. I feel guilty being responsible for so much garbage.

I did sign up for an online Statistical Mechanics course on Coursera, but I have yet to really start the class aside from the brief introduction. There is a deadline, so I need to get working on that soon. I also have started reading a book on Quantum Mechanics. This book is not for gentle reading but more like a textbook. It is important to me that when classes start in the fall, I feel like I’m prepared and supposed to be there. There are ways to minimize the feeling that I don’t belong or am not capable of succeeding at this level. Things like being prepared, reading extra material, and just doing it until I get it right. I’m sure the blue book has something wise to say about perseverance and hard work.

With all of this time in my hands, I have been watching too much television. I am scheduled to work a whopping six hours each work tutoring online. The rest of the time is all mine. One thing I noticed while scouring the listings on several streaming services like Plex, Tubi, and Directv is that far too many shows have supernatural or mystical themes. Angels, witches, vampires, and demons are regular characters on many shows. Another trend I noticed is the overwhelming presence of crime shows – this goes way beyond Law & Order. If someone was trying to understand our culture by watching tv they would conclude that we live in a dangerous and irrational world. That serves somebody’s purpose, I’m sure.

I finally started doing yoga again. This was out of necessity. After all the moving and then sitting on the floor for a week waiting for furniture, I am sore. The more I consider the matter, the more I realize how inactive I have become over the past year. The troubling part is that I don’t see an easy remedy. The keyword there is ‘easy’. There are solutions but they all require more work than I’m willing to put in. That’s pretty sad. A quick Google search for ‘public park Mallet’s Bay’ returned several compelling adventures. The Niquette Bay State Park looks good. There is a $4 park use fee, but that seems reasonable. It’s decided then. The next sunny day, I will pack a bottle of water and my hiking boots and check it out.

To be continued

40 minutes of yoga this morning marks four straight days of stretching and mindfulness. I am starting to feel a little better, but my hip and back still bother me some. The real culprit of my discomfort is the months of sitting at my uncomfortable makeshift desk. Hopefully, now that I have a proper desk and chair and continued practice at yoga, I will be able to alleviate the aches and pains of getting older and working online. A lot more activity is needed to stave off the effects of getting old and my sedentary academic career, but this is a good step.

If I have one thing to complain about, it’s that my neighbor uses his chainsaw a lot. I mean every day, for hours at a time. Is he cutting down the whole forest? My disdain for loud equipment like leaf blowers, weed whackers, etc. is well documented and this new intrusion on my silence is definitely not something that I anticipated or appreciate. Of course, he (or she) might be a chainsaw sculptor who carves intricate designs out of wood and ice with chainsaws and chisels. Anything is possible. I really hope that is the case because then I know what to get everybody for Christmas gifts!

Everybody who lives here seems easygoing and respectful. Besides myself and the owner, two other guys live here. Both are in their forties like me which helps make the house relaxed and kept up in a manner consistent with mature adults. I like having a bathroom that I share with just one other person even if that means one door opens up directly into my room while the other opens to the other guy’s room. This house is much bigger and newer than the place I was living in Bridgewater. The huge garage houses the owner’s fancy car, a sweet Jaguar convertible. I am extra careful not to scratch it or even touch it when I pass by.

I am still adjusting to this new blog theme. Every time I change it, I pine the old style. Not this time. The last theme had a header image permanently embedded somewhere in the code, the CSS most likely. However, this current theme uses a default font style that I want to change but I can’t find out how. Knowing myself as I do, this seems like something that I will invest hours of researching and tinkering with to get right when I have other, more important, things to be working on. So, let’s make a goal. I’m going to forget about default fonts and CSS for my blog that nobody reads and instead I’ll do the first lesson for the Statistical Mechanics class I signed up for. I don’t have to work until 3:30 so that gives me like 4 hours to be productive.

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